Is Christopher Earl Glass The Future of America? Teen Father Kills Baby Son, Is Killed By Police.

Christopher Earl Glass’s story is a horribly sad one: a teenage father fatally stabs his infant son, then is fatally shot by police. Who knows what caused this boy (and in my book, 17 is still a boy) to crack in such a brutal, fatal way. But to me, it’s impossible not to look at this story in the shadow of the onslaught of pro-life laws that threaten to increase the number of unwanted babies in our country.

If this can happen to a baby who is born by choice, what will happen to the babies who are born to mothers who have no choice?

Glass was reportedly disturbed after the recent death of his grandmother, and the stabbing of his baby was apparently premeditated: he called the baby’s mother and threatened her beforehand. We don’t know why he killed the child, whether he was mentally sound, or what his relationship to the baby’s mother was like. But we do know that having a baby when you’re a teenager is really, really hard, and it scares me to read something like this and know that this country is perched on the edge of a reduction in reproductive freedoms.

I have no doubt that Pro-life supporters will see this story as an isolated incident. It is. But every pregnancy is an isolated incident, every family its own complicated and delicate balance of individuals and circumstances and brain chemistry. Sometimes people can’t handle the pressure of life. From where I sit, forcing more people to have babies when they don’t want to can only increase this risk.

[via CBS News]

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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