Is it a Boy or a Girl? Baby Games!

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Every woman, when pregnant, wonders if she’s having a boy or a girl.  She dreams about who her baby might be, and eagerly looks forward to the day she can find out.

These days, many women choose to find out at their 20-week ultrasounds.  However, since we didn’t have one, we didn’t find out!  (Some women do have ultrasounds but just choose not to look.)  Which means many more weeks of wondering and guessing what you’re having.

Let’s look at some old wives’ tales, baby games…and then maybe you’ll help me guess what I’m having!

I just love to guess what people are having.  I play along with all my friends when we guess before their babies arrive or before their “big” ultrasounds, however they wish to do it.  It’s so fun to speculate based on any or all of the old wives’ tales!  I’ve frequently been right about what other people are having although truthfully for myself, I have no clue.

What are some old wives’ tales that people use to determine the baby’s sex?

It might be a boy if:

  • You’re carrying low and “all out front”
  • You have less severe morning sickness
  • You crave salty foods
  • Your skin is clear and radiant
  • Baby’s heart rate is slower (below 150 BPM)
  • If your husband doesn’t gain weight
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It might be a girl if:

  • You’re carrying “wide” (like a watermelon) or “all over the place”
  • You crave citrus foods
  • You have worse morning sickness
  • Your skin is breaking out
  • Baby’s heartbeat is faster (above 150 BPM)
  • If your husband gains weight too

There’s also the Chinese gender chart.  Now, I don’t put a lot of stock in this.  It has said “boy” for me for all three pregnancies…and was obviously wrong at least once!  Other women swear it was right 80 – 100% of the time for them.  So it’s worth a look, just to see, but don’t necessarily bet on it. 🙂

Have you ever created a baby game?  This is where your friends and family can guess the sex (if unknown), plus baby’s birthday, time, weight, and length.  They’re a lot of fun!  I just started mine for this baby recently.  It’s kind of a neat way to ‘celebrate’ that your baby’s coming soon, by trying to guess when and how baby will arrive!

So…any guesses for me?  Is it a boy or a girl?

Do you enjoy baby games, old wives’ tales, or guessing the sex?  Did the Chinese gender chart give you the ‘right’ answer?

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