Is My Husband Ready for Labor?

Last week, I revealed to you my late pregnancy fear of not knowing if I am in labor. It’s comforting to know that I wasn’t alone in that and many of you experience the same thing. Although the fear is still present, I am still able to find some peace that I will experience some sort of physical change as a bit of a warning before I go into labor. I can’t say the same for my husband.

As women go through pregnancy, we have this time to bond with our child. Although they aren’t physically here with us, we feel the kicks, see our belly getting bigger and bigger, and begin to feel an attachment almost immediately.

For some men, it’s harder for them to connect with the baby during those long nine months. It’s not until that hold that baby in their arms that they feel an instant connection. But it’s getting to that point of being able to hold the baby that might terrify them the most. Yes, I’m talking about the actual labor and delivery.

It wasn’t until I was reading through these great tips for dads on labor and delivery that I realized I haven’t asked my husband how prepared he is for what we call “D-Day” (delivery day.) He’s been super supportive during both pregnancies, but much like myself, he was a lot more involved in the first pregnancy rather than this one.

With the first, we went to every single birthing or new baby preparation class that was offered at our hospital. At night, we would both lay in bed reading as much as we could so that we were as prepared as possible for the baby. This time around, neither of us has attended a class or read a single book.

I’ve had the time to speak with my doctor about my birth plan and how to prepare the best for labor and delivery. Because I don’t feel the need for my husband to come with me on those visits, the last time he has heard the word “birth plan” was when we were in the delivery room two years ago.

With the birth of my first daughter, he was great in the delivery room and even prior to my epidural when the contractions felt unbearable. While I was throwing everything that I learned from our birth preparation classes out of the window, he was trying to implement as many as he could. Although at the time I wanted to kill him for having his fingers in my face trying to do a breathing technique, I think back at it now and realize how endearing he was during those times I must have been as nasty as a monster!

During the actual delivery he was super involved and helped out as much as he could. I was incredibly blessed and amazed at how well he did during everything. All of our reading and preparedness paid off.

With “D-Day” drawing closer and closer I guess now is the time to finally have the conversation on the best way for him to prepare for the upcoming arrival of our second little girl! Lets hope it goes as smoothly as last time!

How did you prepare your husband for labor and delivery?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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