Is "Natural" Birth Always Positive? [Video]

“Normal birth isn’t always positive… for some women normal birth can be really traumatized.”
This is the terrific and important message in this wonderful, short interview with UK midwife, Helen Shallow.

I think it’s absolutely true that not all women feel entirely enthusiastic about a normal or “natural” or undisturbed birth. Some women feel very upset, angry, confused or otherwise disappointed if they’d hoped for an epidural and were not able to get one– even if their birth was swimmingly wonderful by all outside accounts. It can be rough to be caught off guard or just generally not enthusiastic about the situation as it unravels.

One of my birth mentors Erica Lyon always says, a positive birth experience is not about how you did it— epidural, no epidural– but whether you were treated with kindness and love and respect at a vulnerable time.

And on that note, here’s some kindness:

Anyone who’s given birth, I’m curious: What was it that made your birth experience positive? Or negative?



video courtesy of OneWorldBirth.net

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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