Is Performing Your Own Abortion the Latest Trend?

We’ve all seen the crazy fashion trends and diet trends, but a DIY abortion as an upcoming trend is probably the most outlandish and disturbing thing I have ever heard of. While DIY herbal abortions haven’t taken the country by storm just yet, they are quite common in certain parts of the country including the Manhattan neighborhood of Washington Heights. is reporting that with the budget cuts affecting Planned Parenthood and “a group of nutjobs who think zygotes and corporations are people running for President,” women seeking abortion will not be able to afford one any longer at the doctors office and might have to opt for other alternatives.  

The two herbal methods that are common in the Washington Heights neighborhood are Humphrey’s #11, which is used to treat the syptoms of delayed menses, and hierba de ruda, a non-edible plant.   Both herbal remedies are known to be prescribed by people who practice the religion of santeria, a West African and Caribbean religion influenced by Roman Catholic Christianity.

Women are choosing these medications because they cannot afford to go and see a medical doctor to perform a proper abortion which can cost them hundred of dollars. The herbal remedies are much cheaper, costing less than $10, and it is a far less invasive procedure.

According to, the women in Washington Heights lack health insurance and are also primarily from the Latino culture, which “dictate that a woman should not be having sex outside of marriage, but she especially should not have an abortion.” The herbal remedies of Humphries #1 and hierba de ruda can be an easy way out if a woman finds herself with an unwanted pregnancy because it can be done in private, without anyones knowledge, not even a doctors.

While I can understand the pressure and the lack of resources, I do not understand why anyone would put their life as well as their unborn child’s life in danger by taking a little pill.  I find this “trend” to be quite disturbing and unsettling. If this is truly going to be a problem for women because of government issues and budget cuts, we need to take a good hard look at the negative consequences it might cause.

There is a reason that abortions are done in doctors offices by trained professionals. No woman should have forgo that safe environment to buy a pill and put herself in danger to abort her unwanted pregnancy.

What are your thoughts?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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