Is That An Elbow? A Knee? Maybe A Foot? Tips To Help You Determine What You’re Feeling

For days, I have felt this little knob just above my belly button. If I rub it, I can feel my little guy shift, but the knob stays there. What could it be?

I’ve wondered several times throughout my pregnancy what position my baby is in, or what that funny little knob sticking out might be. Since I just had my 37 week check-up, I know he’s now head down, and that makes it a little easier to be able to determine what the bulges and knobs might be. However, I’m still sitting here guessing…

If you’re like me, and are fascinated with these knobs and bulges, continue reading for some tips to help you determine what position your baby might be in…

Obviously, the further along you are, the more you’re going to feel funny little baby body parts. You’ll also notice your belly start to take some extremely odd shapes depending on what position your baby gets in. My little guy loves to stick his booty out…

Is your belly button popping out? Is your tummy a little flat? Do you feel a lot of kicks under your ribcage? Most likely your baby is facing your spine, and is in the anterior position. It’s also likely that those little knobs you’re feeling are his/her feet or knees. Also, your baby probably sticks his/her booty out a lot in this position.

Have you felt your baby have the hiccups yet? Hiccups are a good indication of what position your baby might be in. If you feel the hiccups low in your belly, then your baby is head down. If you feel his/her hiccups up high, then your baby is head up.

Do you feel a bulge/lump at the top of your belly? If so, try pushing on it lightly. If the lump you feel moves, but the rest of their body doesn’t, then most likely you just pushed on your baby’s little head. If you push on the lump/bulge and your baby shifts their whole body, then most likely your baby is head down, and you just pushed on their booty.

If you’re later in pregnancy, and you feel a lot of pain in your ribcage and some abdominal pain, then most likely your baby is head up, and your baby is using your stomach as a pillow.

My little guy moving around…

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