Is There Such A Thing As An Ugly Baby?

let's go judge people I’m just going to start this post off by saying it’s extremely shallow so take it with a grain of salt. Also, I know that I will love my kids unconditionally no matter what they look like.

Back a couple years ago when I naively thought we would be pregnant within a few months and my biggest concern was what we would name a baby, I also had the fear that our baby wouldn’t be cute. Do other people have this fear? While my husband and I aren’t a bad looking couple, I’m not sure our dominant noses and big lips will translate well to a small human.

My husband doesn’t think there’s such a thing as an ugly baby. They’re all just babies so they’re cute he tells me. But I tend to disagree. There are definite differing levels of cuteness when it comes to babies. While I would certainly never tell a mother her baby wasn’t that cute, you all know people are thinking it. It’s probably a good thing that once a child is born parents develop a super shield over their eyes that allow them to think that their kids are the absolute cutest.

One thing I find fascinating is that you usually can’t predict from the parents if the kid will be cute or not. While they might be a supermodel couple, their kid could be just sort of cute and then sometimes homely people have the most attractive babies on the planet. The best predictor is probably what they looked like as kids.

I realize now how this is an irrational and shallow fear but I can’t be the only one who’s ever thought about it. Am I?


Parental worries over their baby’s looks aren’t as uncommon as you’d think — find out what made this mom wonder if her kid would always look weird.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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