Is Whitney Houston Pregnant? Not Likely

I showed my husband this picture of Whitney Houston and he didn’t believe it was her.  The picture, along with several others from the past few months, show Houston, nearly unrecognizable, beneath pounds of new weight.

Some blogs have said that Houston is gaining weight because of steroid injections for a respiratory infection that she recently suffered, while other news sources have revealed that she is simply eating too much.

My guess?  Serious detox.  When you’re trying to kick a mean habit, whether it be booze or drugs, you eat.  A lot.

Houston, 47, has been very open about her drug addiction in the past and I just don’t think she’s pregnant nor does she want to be at this stage in the game.

She’s also a very naturally thin person. You just don’t put on weight like that unless you’re really trying to, right? I mean, could that kind of weight gain be from over-indulgence? While she’s on tour? I think the steroids or detox are more likely. So I’m going with a big no on this rumor.

So what do you think? Pregnant, detoxing or over-indulging for no good reason?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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