It's My Virtual Baby Shower – And You're Invited!

Last week I wrote about how easy it is to plan and have a virtual baby shower – and this week? This week my lovely friend is throwing ME a virtual shower, and you’re ALL invited!

Beginning today, and every day for the next week+, not only will you have a chance to win each of the beautiful things that have been gifted to me for this shower (hey, that’s better than a regular shower!), but you’ll also get to read words from some of the most amazing writers around. It’s a celebration of Motherhood, and I hope you’ll join us!

Today is starting out with a bang – the first item of NECESSITY for any parent. {{And I know not everyone believes this is a necessity, but now that I’m about to be soothing baby #4 I feel like I can say that yes, for us, it’s a necessity!}}

Question for you: what swing will you have in the house? Or rather, what swing-but-even-better will you have?

In case you haven’t had the heavens open up and seen the glory and splendor that is the Mamaroo, my pick for the “swing-but-even-better”, check this out:




I was sent a Mamaroo in one of the brand new fabrics – the PLUSH by (thank you!), and I chose this lovely color:

It’s perfect for us! I really wish they made a Mamaroo in grownup sizes. Ahem.

My baby is still a couple weeks (days?) away from making an entrance, but I can already tell this wonder of technology will bring much needed peace to our house (hello, plug in an mp3 player? YES.). My sister also just had a baby a month ago and I’ve not only seen the Mamaroo in action, but heard up and down how incredible it is. My nephew’s favorite setting? The “car ride”.

You can find a Mamaroo of your own at or you can enter to win a Mamroo – just click on over and see how easy it is to enter. Good luck!

I’ll be giving an update here on Babble on the fun finds and giveaways (see a sneak peek here of what other pretties are to come) and love words as the shower progresses, but be sure to bookmark Sara Sophia’s place to check on the daily bliss.

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