It's NOT a Pregnancy Waddle, More Like a Swagger. You Decide. [VIDEO]

At 34 weeks, I've got a little "swagger" in my step. I fully embrace that.

So…..I’m currently 8.5 months (34 weeks) pregnant.  A LOT has happened in those 8.5 months.  I now have an almost fully baked little human riding around in me at all times.  I am aware of that at all times….especially when I’m standing, sitting, walking, not walking, sleeping, and ALWAYS.

It’s great, totally normal, and I’m stoked that I’m so close to the glorious finish line.  I’m definitely not the first pregnant woman to walk the Earth, nor the last but I do feel kinda lucky that I don’t have that dorky waddle like all the rest of them. I have a certain immunity to dorkiness, how I get around is anything but a waddle.  You be the judge–after the jump.



How are you getting around these days?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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