Ivanka Trump Poses as a Pregnant Bunny: Who Does That?

Ivanka Trump
Ivanka does know her unborn daughter will eventually see this picture, right?

Am I alone in thinking that there are things we do before becoming moms from which we must refrain the second we discover we are with child? And that near the top of that list is posing for magazines in skimpy bunny costumes when we are obviously pregnant?

Ivanka Trump, who usually appears to want to carry herself very publicly as a sophisticated businesswoman, inexplicably struts her slutty stuff in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar in a getup generally reserved for women in soft-core porn magazines. (Not to mention the fact that she converted to Orthodox Judaism before getting married, and I can tell you the last time I ever saw an Orthodox Jew dressed so provocatively: never).

Is there some kind of expectant mom syndrome that I am unaware of that’s the equivalent to a bachelorette who feels it’s appropriate to act or dress inappropriately before she enters the next phase of her life?

Ever since I became a mom for the first time almost three years ago I realized that my conduct no longer reflected just me, but also my daughter. That includes what I do personally and professionally. It might not be fun to act like a mom, but when you think of the impact that your actions — large and small — have on your children, you realize it’s just part of the bargaining agreement of being a parent.

While I get Ivanka is attempting to brand herself as her father has done (for better or worse), I wonder how you go about raising a little girl in the Orthodox religion and also attempt to be taken seriously as a businesswoman role model for your daughter when she can look at a very public picture of you taken in fishnet stockings, mile-high heels and an outfit that would make Hugh Hefner proud?

To each her own, but I wouldn’t mind being a fly on the wall the day Ivanka and her husband don’t let their daughter out of the house because her skirt it too short or her shirt is too tight. As Oprah likes to say, when you know better, you do better. What’s Ivanka’s excuse?

Do you think Ivanka is setting a bad example for her unborn daughter, or do you applaud her for flaunting what she’s got?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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