I’ve Moved to the Couch

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I’ve officially reached the point in pregnancy that no position is comfortable any more. I stand up and my back starts to hurt, I sit down and it continues to hurt. I am currently sitting here writing this post with a heating pad on my back because the pain is so uncomfortable.

Going to sleep at night has been even more of a challenge. I’ve tried a pregnancy body pillow, but that just doesn’t do the trick. I’ve always been a stomach sleeper, so having no choice but to sleep on my side has been hard for me to grasp, and apparently it’s been hard on my back too.

Instead of searching for the latest and greatest pregnancy product to help me sleep better at night and help alleviate my back pain, I’ve come up with my own solution that has had much better results than I expected.

I’ve moved to the couch. Yes, the couch in our family room is currently the most comfortable “bed” in our apartment right now and has been a joy to sleep on for the past week.

I never intended on moving into our family room and sleeping on the couch, but when my daughter was having a rough night the other night, my husband decided to throw her in the bed with us to sleep. I don’t know if you have a toddler that sleeps anything like mine, but she is the most uncomfortable person to sleep with because of all of her moving around and kicking. At nearly 36 weeks pregnant, I knew I couldn’t handle sleeping in the bed with her, so I offered to sleep on the couch, just so all three of us could get a good nights sleep.

My husband was hesitant, but I insisted that this might actually be good for me. ¬†Boy, was I correct in the assumption. I woke up the next morning feeling the most refreshed I have in a long time. My back was in very little pain and I don’t even think I woke up once that night to adjust positions so that I could get comfortable.

I told my husband that morning that he can now officially have our bed until the baby arrives because my new bed is this amazing couch we have. Although he acted concerned that I was moving out onto the couch, I know that he was silently cheering in his head. He’s taken full advantage of having our bed all to himself. It’s evident when I walk into our room at night to get ready for bed and he is sleeping, stretched out, and ¬†covering every square inch of that bed that he possibly can.

I think what I love best about sleeping on the couch is the pillows that I have behind my back for support. I just lean my body snug up against those pillows and it keeps my back in just the right position from keeping it from hurting. It’s almost miraculous how great it makes my back feel. I’ve gotten much better sleep in this past week than I have in the past three months!

I better not brag too much though, or my husband might think I’m moving out here permanently. Enjoy our bed while you can, dear, because you only have about 4 more weeks until we go back to sharing!

Have you tried sleeping on the couch late in your pregnancy? What did you think?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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