Jabba The Hutt

This is exactly who I feel I look like. I’m feeling really disgusting these days. I don’t remember feeling this way when I was pregnant with my daughter. Maybe it’s just the difference between carrying a girl vs. carrying a boy?

My skin is gross, my hair is greasy, and as of today, my fingers are too swollen to wear my wedding ring. I had wanted to do a much better post for today, but I have been up since 2:30 AM, so forgive this lame and gripey post. My mind is just not functioning.

Last night I woke up and could not fall back to sleep for the life of me. It wasn’t because I was uncomfortable, which I was, but I literally could not turn my brain off. I kept thinking about how life is going to change when baby #2 arrives. I feel like I just got this one-baby-thing down, so how am I going to handle two babies? How am I going to be a work-from-home mom, and take care of a toddler and a new born? Will my daughter think I am replacing her? Will she think I don’t love her anymore?

I’m in desperate need of some encouraging words… Does anyone have any advice on transitioning from one baby to two?

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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