Jennifer Aniston New Haircut: Would It Work For You?

jennifer aniston new haircutJennifer Aniston was made famous by a haircut. But ever since The Rachel, the star has sported basically the same look: long, straight, Malibu Barbie blond. Even her movie roles have been girls with long straight Malibu Barbie hair. Jennifer Aniston recently denounced The Rachel, calling it “The Ugliest Haircut of All Time” or some similarly extreme statement of negativity. Maybe she was so traumatized that she refuses to change her hairstyle even when she’s playing another character?

At any rate, she’s apparently over it, because her new hairstyle is a lot closer to Rachel Territory than Aniston has dared since. The look is, to say the least, a lot more wearable and convenient than her golden curtains of yore. There are women who can maintain that kind of pristine spill of long hair through day to day life. But I have a special respect (or is it just total disconnect) for women who can do it through the day to day tribulations of pregnancy. It is, after all, a time when women have traditionally chopped off their manes for something easy-care and no-nonsense. You can’t get much less easy care than meticulously highlighted perfectly straightened blonde hair halfway down your back.

I was more into capitalizing on my hair’s natural wave when I was pregnant (if you can’t beat the earth mama, join the earth mama). I think Jennifer Aniston’s hair might be wavy too. But I have a feeling it’s in her contract that she’s not allowed to expose that on camera.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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