Jessica Alba Sues Belly Bandit

I know plenty of new moms who swear by the Belly Bandit wrap. Heck, I’ve even looked into getting one myself after this pregnancy. The device claims and is used to shrink and tone the abdominal region by applying medical-grade compression and pressure to help postpartum bellies back to their original size.

But know who didn’t use a Belly Bandit postpartum? Know who worked out really hard with her trainer and did extensive dieting to get back in shape?

Jessica Alba, that’s who.

According to TMZ, Jessica Alba is suing the company Belly Bandit for upwards of $1 million dollars and a percentage of the company’s sales, claiming the brand used her name and image unlawfully without her consent to sell product.

It’s alleged that the company used her image under their “celebrity testimonial” page (where you can find the like of Kourtney Kardashian, Christina Applegate, Jewel and Bethenny Frankle) and also use quote “Jessica Alba’s #2 Secret for a Fast Post Pregnancy Slimdown!” on some of their packaging.

And this is where Ms. Alba disagrees.

Personally, I have nothing against Belly Bandit wraps, except they look totally uncomfortable to wear. But, if I work out really hard postpartum to get back into my pre-pregnancy shape, and a company falsely claimed I did it by wearing their product, you bet I too would be ticked off.

But how about that lawsuit? Is she being just a tiny bit greedy asking for all that money and a cut of their sales?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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