HGTV Host Jillian Harris Shares Raw Postpartum Photo in Her Mesh Underwear

Image Source: Jillian Harris
Image Source: Jillian Harris

Jillian Harris, former star of The Bachelor and Bachelorette and host of HGTV’s Love It or List It, is opening up about her son’s birth. In a new blog post titled “Leo’s Birth Story”, she starts off by sharing, “Our birth story isn’t exactly how we would have imagined it.”

Harris, who gave birth to her first son, Leo, on August 4th, was due on August 21st. So when she starting having signs of labor on August 3rd, it came as a bit of a shock.

Harris writes:

“August 3rd, Twas the night before Christmas, (or Leo’s Birthday) Justin and I were just winding down for an early night, as we were set to film a BIG exciting day (more news about that to follow) and wanted to get a good nights rest. We were shuffling things around in the nursery for filming the next day and I told Justin that I thought my water had broke.”

She goes on to say that her and her longtime boyfriend, Justin Pasutto, headed to the hospital to only find out that her water didn’t in fact break. They went home later that evening to get some rest because they had a full day of filming for Harris’ new television show the next day. So on August 4th, after 13 hours of work, Harris was completely “groggy and cranky and emotional.” While Pasutto and their friends and some of her film crew had a few drinks and hung out, Harris decided to spend some time relaxing at the lake with her dog.

She recalls:

“I remember floating in the lake, Nacho swimming towards me and feeling so content and warm. I was so happy and CALM even though I was SO exhausted … it felt like a really special night. It was so warm and the sunset was gorgeous.”

She returned home and got into bed, only to start “leaking.”

“At some point in my head, I had decided that my vagina was some monstrous vacuum and I told Sam [her cousin who was sleeping over] ‘you know what, this is probably from the swim in the lake, I just sucked up a bunch of water’ and crawled back into bed … I remember her staring at me from the end of the bed looking at me like I was crazy, or maybe she was really curious about my vaginas new special abilities to suck up so much water lol … I got up one more time and just like the movies, my water broke. Like big time … SPLOOOSHHHH.”

Harris and Pasutto headed to the hospital and after much debate, decided to take her film crew with her. She mentioned in the post that because she travels to her other home on the weekends, she has two doctors, one in Kelowna and one in  Vancouver. Her doctor in Kelowna, where she was at the time, she’d only met once — the day before. She mentions her first couple of hours of labor, she actually enjoyed the contractions and even laughed through them. But as her labor progressed, the contractions weren’t so funny anymore. Harris describes it saying, “It was like zero to sixty and I remember I was NOT laughing anymore.”

She goes on to say that it got a little bit scary a couple of hours later as she wasn’t progressing and her little one’s heart rate was plummeting because of the umbilical cord being wrapped around him twice. Just when she thought she was going to be whisked away for an emergency cesarian section, the doctor told her she was at 10 cm and it was time to push. Moments later she met her sweet boy Leo for the first time.

It’s when our birth stories don’t go as we’d expect them to that we tend to cherish them a little bit more. We remember the moments that we thought we couldn’t do it, but are so thankful that we pushed through.

Harris shared a photo of post-delivery that I think was one of the most beautiful and real moments of the entire post. You see Pasutto holding their son and Harris standing by the window, looking out in nothing but the famous mesh underwear that we all fall in love with after delivery. While it’s not glamorous, it is beautiful. And Harris proves just that.

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