6 Pregnancy Keepsakes

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    Instead of taking the standard belly picture every month, take a cue from The Panic Room, which created a memorable photo series of mom-to-be, Tricia, strolling down the street every week toward the 40-week mark. The result is a beautiful collection of Tricia casually moving through time with an ever-growing belly, and a sweet note to her baby-to-be accompanies each image. For inspiration, have a look at the Walk to 40 Weeks series here. Pregnancy keepsakes — Walk to 40 Weeks
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    Many modern pregnant women document their pregnancies on blogs rather than in traditional journals as it allows more creative freedom and accessibility. Once your trimesters are over, Blurb will turn your blog into a book for a lasting memento of your journey. Pregnancy keepsakes — Blog to Book

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    While you might not have the photography and graphic design skills to recreate this incredible maternity book by Austin-based photographer Johanna McShan (of Hanna Mac Photography), it can provide creative inspiration for your own keepsake book. Take a look at Johanna’s entire book here, and then make your own version using a photo book like Picaboo. Pregnancy keepsakes — Mama Mia’s Maternity Book

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    Creating a belly ribbon is another way to document your growing belly. Simply take a piece of white or light-colored ribbon and measure your belly every two weeks, writing in the week at every mark. After your baby is born, you’ll be amazed that your belly was ever that big — and you won’t have a giant, life-size cast to remind you. Pregnancy keepsakes — Belly Ribbon

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    What does every modern fetus need? A Twitter account, naturally. The highly anticipated Kickbee is the newest way to record your baby’s fetal movements. It’s a band worn around the mom-to-be’s belly that sends messages to Twitter every time a kick is detected. (It can even notify Dad via text message.) Not only is this a convenient way to count kicks, but you’ll truly be the first generation to document Baby’s First Tweets. Pregnancy keepsakes — Kickbee

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