Kelly Ripa Shows Weight Has Nothing To Do With Infertility, Says Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana RancicTV Personality Giuliana Rancic continues her very public struggle with infertility.  Rancic has gotten some flak for being underweight while trying to conceive and  gained 7 lbs last year per her doctor’s suggestion. The weight gain did not help her fertility problems, but it did seem to cause some self esteem problems for Giuliana, who insists her low weight is a crucial tool for her career on television. Recently, Rancic spoke out against critics who suggest her problems with trying to conceive are somehow related to her showbiz-skinny physique.

“Look at Kelly Ripa! She’s half my size and has no body fat and has kids.”

Rancic went on to list other especially skinny celebrities who seem to conceive without problems…“Giselle (Bundchen) is a supermodel, and I’ve pinched her in real life just to see if she has body fat — zero body fat! Look at Victoria Beckham, she’s on her fourth child…Rachel Zoe is pregnant! To all the haters, get informed! Go Google it…it has nothing to do with anything.”

Well, Giuliana, I did google it, and I didn’t find that it has nothing to do with anything. In fact, I found a number of sites claiming that body fat percentage is directly tied to ability to conceive. The website quoted noted fertility expert Toni Weschler, author of the bestselling fertility bible  “In Toni Weschler’s book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, she recommends a minimum body fat percentage of 18 while trying to conceive. Female athletes can have body fat as low as 8 or 10.”

T.V. stars can be similarly low in body fat. But what about Giuliana Rancic’s claims that women skinnier than her have no infertility problems? Like anything else, getting pregnant is an individual equation. Low body fat may not prevent some people from getting pregnant, but it could affect others. It’s not clear whether Giuliana Rancic has given up her quest to conceive or not, but she is said to be considering adoption.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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