Knocked Up Again. Oh Hi There... I'm Molly

Hi My Name is Molly

HELLO there. I thought i’d kick off my time here at Babble with an intro.  A getting to know you before you judge me and leave nasty comments.. I’m kidding, I know you are TOO nice to do that. So here it is, the who, what, when…

The Who:

Hi. My name is Molly.

**Hi Molly**

I’m 32 and knocked up for the 2nd year in a row with my 4th child. I specialize in stupid photos and silly faces (or a hand, depending on mood) when a camera is placed in front of me.

Example A.

Knocked Up
I warned you.

To me, it’s all about family . These are my other WHO’s. It all starts with baby #1.

My husband and I have been married since I was 19, he was 21. Fortunately he had a good job, we quickly bought a house and were ready to start this baby thing.

Infertility Strikes

After trying 4 years to have a baby the old fashion way, we decided to see an infertility specialist. After 2 rounds of Clomid, we conceived our 1st child.

Z is now 7 and is our princess. AKA the only girl in the house, minus a girl dog.

Z, she also makes cheesy faces like her MOM!
My girl Z, who also specializes in silly faces
I Got Pregnant While On Birth Control

We were over the moon with this cute little thing. She was spoiled rotten. I was on birth control. Aunt flow didn’t show up. Confused, I peed on a pregnancy test and found out I was pregnant – again. We still laugh because there is no messing up (we thought) using the ring fort birth control – but God had plans for us and our boy E who is now 5.

The Middle Kid, E
E, the sweetest boy - heart him!

4 Years of Trying for Baby #3

After having E, who was the absolute dream baby (he slept thru the night at 3 weeks people!) – we decided to have a third. Well we should know better then to try to decide anything. After 4 years of trying, we conceived our 3rd, baby I. He’s now 11 months.

Our 11 month old baby.... for now
Worth the wait!

I'm Knocked Up Again

So #4 – we wanted a large family, 4 kids sounded perfect. I mean, my husband was raised Mormon. I was raised Catholic. While we are both non-denom Christians, we should honor that religious heritage with a big, huge family – RIGHT?  So here’s the plan. We would wait for the baby to get out of diapers, make sure all our ducks were in a row – then we’d have a fourth child. HA! Again, there goes with us TRYING.

BAM. In early January, I was in the doctor’s office laying on the ultrasound table. Just days earlier a pregnancy test showed 2 lines, which typically means PREGNANT. But I had just had a kid that we had tried 4 years to have that kid. There was NO way I could of magically gotten pregnant, not this time!

The tech does his thing with the ultrasound device – and on the screen we see a baby. Not a bean or what appears to be a clump of cells like we usually see in the first ultrasound – this kid looked REAL. We are talking hands, moving legs and all!  I was 10 weeks pregnant. CRAP, I’M PREGNANT. AGAIN. (and by CRAP I mean, yay!) And wait, how am I 10 weeks pregnant and just finding this out. *sigh*

baby number 4

The Baby Daddy

Besides being a mom to my lovies, I’m the wife to Sean – who is my rock and baby daddy. When anyone asks me how I do it, I tell them it’s all because of him.

Well IT IS (part) his fault that I am knocked up (for 4th time, did I mention that?) – but I mean seriously he is the glue that binds the family together. We’ve been married for 13 years this year. He is the yin to my yang – the left brain to my right brain. You get the point.

baby daddy sean
The man who is responsible for all of the above.

When not being mom or a wife, I work full-time as Director of Digital Media facilitating the web, social media and e-marketing of a live events company. And when I’m not doing that, I blog at and being the digital mom that I am – I tweet regularly @digitalmolly. Smell a theme here? If you guessed DIGITAL, you win!

The What:

I’m stoked to be sharing this adventure with you, as well as all kinds of fun “being pregnant” deets.

The When:

This baby is 18 weeks – we’re delivering late July. 4th kid, yes I’m inducing – don’t make me explain on my first post!

Okay. I’m done.

Now your turn. Tell me about YOU. GO!

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