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labor mate iphone app
Labor Mate iPhone App - your labor pregnancy companion

My husband is a geek. No seriously, a computer nerd and to be quite honest – so am I. We do everything digital, but with our first 2 pregnancies – pre-iPhone days, we went into labor old school style.


Old school style, what is that you ask?  I’m saying my husband wore a stop watch around his neck, old school style. Nope, not kidding you. He takes the pregnancy COACH thing a little too serious. Thank goodness he didn’t insist on wearing gym shorts and carrying around a clipboard, or else he may of been fired.

With our last pregnancy – the iPhone was a game changer when it came to labor and delivery due to a great app we found.

Meet Labor Mate.

Timing labor contractions has never been so easy. With Labor Mate, timing each contraction is as simple as touching a button. Tap the stopwatch button once to start the contraction timer and tab it again to stop the timer. As the contractions become longer and more frequent Labor Mate records the information for you and reports it back in an easy-to-read format so you can decide when it is time to call the doctor or head off to the hospital for delivery.

The simple interface and digital timer was exactly what we needed!

Not only is there an easy start/stop digital stop watch, it keeps a record of the duration, frequency and date. You can also select summary to view an average of how long your contractions are lasting and how far apart they are.

It’s a simple app and for 99 cents you are sure to appreciate it! Labor Mate is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Here are Labor Mate features:

  • Tap the timer anywhere to start and stop the contraction timer.
  • Contraction timer continues to run even if you switch applications or make/receive a phone call.
  • Track the duration of each contraction.
  • Track the time between contractions.
  • Displays date and time of the contraction.
  • Add notes to individually recorded contractions.
  • Delete unwanted recorded contractions without needing to start over.
  • Email the contraction log to family, friends, and healthcare providers.
  • Displays the average duration and frequency.
  • Shows how much time remains until the big day.

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