Last Month Pregnancy Symptoms

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I’m in the homestretch and, boy, can my body tell.

I’ve had a relatively symptom-less pregnancy (um, besides the 30-pound weight gain!). I never threw up during the first trimester; I didn’t have crazy food aversions. But now that I’ve only got 5 weeks left until my due date, my body is going nuts. Couldn’t get off too easy, I guess!

Are you experiencing the following symptoms, too? 

  • First of all, I cannot stop sweating. I’m a SWEAT MONSTER. I don’t have a fever, and my blood pressure is low. But I sweat all the time – it must be the hormones.
  • Speaking of hormones, I had a total emotional meltdown on Sunday. I literally sat on my couch and cried for no good reason. I could feel the hormones building up in my bloodstream, too.
  • At night, I’m drooling like crazy. I wake up and my pillow is covered in a puddle of drool (sorry, a little gross).
  • This probably goes hand-in-hand with the drooling, but I’m snoring… loudly. My poor husband says he can barely sleep at night because I roll over, start drooling, and snore in his ear. Hot!
  • My hands are stiff and sore. I’ve read this is because of swelling and fluid retention. I’m making some dietary changes (less sodium and sugar) to see if it helps.

So, in conclusion, I’m 8.5 months pregnant, and my body is freaking out.  It could be worse, I know, but man – I’ll be happy when this baby is on the outside!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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