Reader Submitted: Show Us Your Last Pregnancy Photo

Me at the hospital for induction at 38 weeks

I have said before that I love the feeling of being pregnant. I love the round belly, the baby kicks and generally I feel awesome. With my baby fever being in full force and with Babe E’s 3rd birthday rounding near I was looking at pictures from when I was pregnant with her.

I miss it! I felt huge and I looked huge and it’s so weird to look back at these photos and see how much growth my body did. Weird but so amazing!

There has been some chatter recently that questioned what a woman who is about to have a baby looks like. Just as there is no one way a woman should look when she’s in labor – there is no universal look of what an “about to have a baby soon” woman looks like.

Every woman – even every pregnancy – carries different. It’s not always an indication of how far along we are or how big our baby is when born. It’s all unique, individual but beautiful.

Click through to see 20 beautiful reader-submitted last photos before they greeted their baby:

  • Joanna 1 of 20
    39 weeks, 4 days
    7lbs, 3 oz
    Photo Submitted by: Joanna
  • Christy 2 of 20
    36 weeks
    Photo Submitted by: Christy
  • Lindsey 3 of 20
    39 weeks, 1 day
    6lbs 15oz
    Photo Submitted by: Lindsey
  • Eileen 4 of 20
    40 weeks
    7lbs 6oz
    Photo Submitted by: Eileen
  • Audrey 5 of 20
    37 weeks
    Twin A: 7lbs. 12 oz.
    Twin B: 6lbs. 10 oz.
    Photo Submitted by: Audrey
  • Mungee’s Ma 6 of 20
    Mungee's Ma
    40 weeks
    Photo Submitted by: Mungee's Ma
  • Brandee 7 of 20
    39 weeks and 4 days
    8lbs 5 oz
    Photo Submitted by: Brandee
  • Nolie 8 of 20
    40 weeks
    7lbs 13oz
    Photo Submitted by: Nolie
  • Kelli 9 of 20
    41 weeks
    8lbs 4oz
    Photo Submitted by: Kelli
  • Karen 10 of 20
    38 weeks
    8lbs 2oz
    Photo Submitted by: Karen
  • Amber 11 of 20
    38 weeks
    Photo Submitted by: Amber
  • Deb 12 of 20
    42 weeks
    9lbs 6oz
    Photo Submitted by: Deb
  • Jen 13 of 20
    37 weeks
    Baby A: 5lbs 9oz
    Baby B: 6lbs 14oz
    Photo Submitted by: Jen
  • Ruth 14 of 20
    40 weeks
    6 pounds, 14oz
    Photo Submitted by: Ruth
  • Amber 15 of 20
    39 weeks 6 days
    7lbs 2.5 oz
    Photo Submitted by: Amber
  • Tina 16 of 20
    40 Weeks
    In the hospital
    Photo Submitted by: Tina
  • Jess 17 of 20
    38 Weeks
    Photo Submitted by: Jess
  • Lori 18 of 20
    40 Weeks
    7lbs 5.5 oz
    Photo Submitted by: Lori
  • Emily 19 of 20
    37 weeks
    5lbs 14oz
    Photo Submitted by: Emily
  • Devan (Me) 20 of 20
    Devan (Me)
    38 weeks (at the hospital for induction)
    7lbs 13oz
    Photo Submitted by: Devan

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