Laughing Baby's Today Show Appearance Demonstrates The Difference Between Human and Trained Monkey [VIDEO]

laughing baby micah on the today showMicah The Laughing Baby made an appearance on the Today show this morning, after his peals of hysterical laughter captivated the 5.5 million viewers on YouTube. The original video features little 8 month old Micah exploding into giggles when his Dad ripped up a job rejection letter. What a heartwarming emblem of the triumph of the American spirit over the Great Recession! Get your priorities straight! Forget money! Love is what matters! This adorable baby laughs in the face of your unemployment, melting your misery into a puddle of giggling joy!

But Micah’s life lessons for the American public did not stop there. When he appeared on the Today show, this Baby Guru REFUSED TO LAUGH. Why? Micah the Laughing Baby stands for spontaneity and authenticity. He is not about performing and finding something funny just because someone tells him it’s funny. Even babies know a joke only works when you don’t know the punchline.

See the video after the jump.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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