Huge le petit rêve | Custom Baby Nursery Decor & Layette Package Giveaway!

le petit rêve: Custom Baby Decor & Layette Package Giveaway!

*CONTEST CLOSED* I’m in the final stages of my own pregnancy and nesting like mad to be, ‘ready’ for the new babe. As many of you other pregnant momma’s out there know, there is no cure for this, aside from just getting it done. So, it is in the spirit of all this prepping, decorating and list checking – that I am super excited to partner with Babble in offering this custom giveaway to you!

If you’ve been reading any of my other posts, you may know by now that I have a crafty business making:

♥  Baby Mobiles
♥  Baby Layette: (quilts, receiving       blankets and swaddles).
♥  Plush Toys / Pillows
♥  Salve (diaper, eczema, cradle cap, cuts and bruises, etc.)

With attention to detail and whimsy, my hope is that each item is almost as unique and beautiful as the babes and mama’s they are created for. Because I’m feeling extra generous, if you follow me after the jump, you’ll find the code for 15% off of anything in my shop! Whether you participate in the giveaway or not.

The giveaway package includes:

That’s a whopper of a giveaway, valued at $275, including shipping. Perfect for an expectant momma you may know, or yourself. The lucky winner will get to choose coordinating fabrics/colours of their choice with my assistance, for applicable items.

Check out these product sample images of the items to be included in the package, as well as some choice organic and vintage fabric swatches I have available:

  • Bamboo Swaddle Colour Choices 1 of 26
    Bamboo Swaddle Colour Choices
  • Bamboo Swaddle in Action… 2 of 26
    Bamboo Swaddle in Action...
  • Bamboo Swaddles (Detail) 3 of 26
    Bamboo Swaddles (Detail)
  • Driftwood Baby Mobile 4 of 26
    Driftwood Baby Mobile
    Hanging owls and chickadee
  • Driftwood Mobile (Chickadee Detail) 5 of 26
    Driftwood Mobile (Chickadee Detail)
  • Driftwood Mobile (Owl Detail) 6 of 26
    Driftwood Mobile (Owl Detail)
  • Organic Fabric Choices 7 of 26
    Organic Fabric Choices
    by Birch Fabrics
  • Organic Fabric Choices 8 of 26
    Organic Fabric Choices
    by Cloud9 Fabrics
  • Organic Fabric Choices 9 of 26
    Organic Fabric Choices
    by Cloud9 Fabrics
  • Organic Fabric Choices 10 of 26
    Organic Fabric Choices
  • Organic Fabric Choices 11 of 26
    Organic Fabric Choices
  • Organic Heirloom Quilt 12 of 26
    Organic Heirloom Quilt
  • Plush Bunnies 13 of 26
    Plush Bunnies
  • Plush Bunny (Girl) 14 of 26
    Plush Bunny (Girl)
  • Plush Bunny (Unisex) 15 of 26
    Plush Bunny (Unisex)
  • Plush Hedgehog (Detail) 16 of 26
    Plush Hedgehog (Detail)
  • Plush Hedgehog (Unisex) 17 of 26
    Plush Hedgehog (Unisex)
  • Plush Owl (Girl) 18 of 26
    Plush Owl (Girl)
  • Plush Owl (Girl) 19 of 26
    Plush Owl (Girl)
  • Plush Owl (Girl) 20 of 26
    Plush Owl (Girl)
  • Plush Owl (Unisex) 21 of 26
    Plush Owl (Unisex)
  • Receiving Blanket 22 of 26
    Receiving Blanket
  • Receiving Blanket (Detail) 23 of 26
    Receiving Blanket (Detail)
  • Ruffled Quilt (Girl) 24 of 26
    Ruffled Quilt (Girl)
    Vintage and organic fabrics. Lined with organic fleece.
  • Ruffled Quilt – Girl (Detail) 25 of 26
    Ruffled Quilt - Girl (Detail)
  • The Works! 26 of 26
    The Works!
    Giveaway package example.

All of my fabric choices can be seen here:


How to enter…

Do any or all of the following things and come back everyday telling us what you did!

*HINT* If you do each and every one of these things, perhaps even multiple times for the ones that apply, and come back every day to tell us so, you are increasing your chances of winning big-time.

Contest closes July 4, 2011 12AM EDT. I will announce the winner the following day, (July 5, 2011).

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