Readers Confess Their Least Favorite Part of Pregnancy

It’s no secret that I loved being pregnant — even through the endless kidney stones, the injections I had to take and the constant “oh my gaw, I am going to puke” feelings, there was something about it I just loved. Sure, there were parts of the pregnancy that I wish I could have done without and I know I am not alone in that.

For some reason, we’re told not to complain too much when we’re pregnant. Many of us dream of being pregnant and wait what feels like forever for it to happen to us, I think that is one of the reasons people really hate to hear us complain. We kind of did that to ourselves, right?

Well, I think that there is no harm in sharing some of the ‘bad’ that goes with pregnancy. Some of the symptoms are pretty relentless and sharing them can help us feel less crazy and more supported. Sure, it’s bad if that’s all you hear from someone — but there are times where a mama just needs to vent.

Click through to read what Babble readers say is their least favorite part of pregnancy (so far):

  • No Sleep 1 of 10
    No Sleep
    "Not being able to sleep on my stomach...or sleep at all" - Alicia
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  • Heartburn 2 of 10
    "So far the morning sickness, constipation, and heartburn, I am only 20 weeks" - Tangeray
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  • Swollen Feet 3 of 10
    Swollen Feet
    "My pregnancy is over now but my least favorite part was the swollen feet. That part I coulda done without JUST FINE." - Luna
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  • Morning Sickness 4 of 10
    Morning Sickness
    "Morning sickness!! 14 weeks still going strong." - Skye
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  • Bathroom Breaks 5 of 10
    Bathroom Breaks
    "When you hit the 8 month mark and you can't sleep & going toilet all the time." - Tania
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  • Too Many Tests 6 of 10
    Too Many Tests
    "All the damn tests because I am BARELY over 35. It is seriously exhausting." - Christina
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  • Anxiety 7 of 10
    "Anxiety attacks" - Brooke
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  • Bed Rest 8 of 10
    Bed Rest
    "‎13 weeks of bed rest and counting :(" - Maggie
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  • Braxton Hicks 9 of 10
    Braxton Hicks
    "Braxton Hicks! I'm hoping the increase of them means something will happen soon...!" - Christine
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  • Sciatica Pain 10 of 10
    Sciatica Pain
    "I'm not a huge fan of sciatica, since it's immobilizing me, and my hubby and I are used to walking everywhere. Restless leg syndrome when I am trying to sleep isn't fun either." -Sierra
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