Pregnant with Leg Cramps – Eat More Bananas!

bananas for leg cramps

While pregnant with kid 1 and 2, my nights were sleepless and painful. It wasn’t even the constant peeing that bugged me! It was the intense leg cramps while trying to sleep.

  • I would sleep on my left side.
  • Sleep on my right side.
  • Tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs.
  • Tried sleeping with my legs elevated.

My doctor with my 2nd child offered 1 word that helped combat the evil leg cramps. BANANAS.

Gwen Stefani style - B - A - N - A - N - A - S!

Yes, bananas were the answer to my pregnant leg cramps.

Bananas have potassium. Potassium help naturally prevent leg cramps. If you are dealing with leg cramps, give it a try.

Don’t care for bananas? Get creative with banana smoothies, check out FujiMama’s Banana Soymilk Smoothie recipe.

A banana a day will hopefully keep those pregnancy leg cramps away!

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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