Let’s Talk About Cruising with Disney: My Favorite Memories

Taking a Cruise with Disney Magic via Babble.comAh, the cruise.

For those of you who haven’t read, Disney sent Bella and I on an 8 night cruise in the Western Caribbean that we just got home from on Sunday. Disney launched a new port out of Galveston, TX and the Disney Magic is sailing out of it until this spring, then in fall it will switch to the Disney Wonder.

That’s a lot of Disney.

I won’t beat around the bush – they do things right. From adults to kids to families, there was something for everyone on that boat. I don’t know how it quite worked so seamlessly, but after 2 days I knew where everything was (this from the girl who knows a GPS saved her marriage).

The food, the service, the quality, it was all amazing. We spent 2 days at sea, and went to Grand Cayman on Tuesday. Wednesday was Costa Maya, Thursday was Cozumel. In the Caymans we were able to go on a tour of the island, then stop off at their sea turtle farms to see turtles that were babies and some that weighed 500+ pounds.

In Cozumel Bella and I rode on a tiny boat where everyone barfed because of the rough waves O_o but then ended up at a beautiful, all inclusive part of Playa del Carmen where we floated down a river and I fell in the lagoon in front of everyone. And by everyone I mean incredibly good looking French people in their 20’s who all laughed as I tried to climb an underwater staircase with flippers on and not drown. Good times. 🙂 More on that later.

Before this, I always thought a cruise was a waste of time. Flying meant you got there sooner and didn’t get seasick on the way. And I get sick on everything. Planes, cars, swings… However I was only queasy one morning and then the small boat incident above. As for time, I’ve realized that the fun we had getting to those places was better than actually being there. I loved the ship so much that by the end of the day in Cozumel, I couldn’t wait to get back to our rooms and a 5 course meal in one of their 3 dining rooms.

Spectacular doesn’t begin to describe it. Sam and I have already sat down and talked about going on another, and we’ll only go with Disney. I know they paid for this, but it doesn’t alter the fact that their cruise and the time they’ve put into perfecting it for all ages was simply the best. Which is what I heard over and over from people chatting on the ferries and in the elevators who had been on other lines.

Disney does it right. 

Here are some of my favorite moments from the Disney Magic. Stay tuned in the following days as I break down how to cruise with Disney on a budget, what to pack and what not to bother with, things for kids to do, things for just adults to do, THE FOOD, and of course why Disney leaves you knowing you’d never go sailing with anyone else.

  • Our room 1 of 18
    Our room
    Disney gave us a beautiful room complete with a separate sitting area, couch that converted to a twin bed, and two bathrooms.
  • The food 2 of 18
    The food
    This was our very first appetizer. I have to say, the food was amazing. My thighs and jeans hate me but it was worth it.
  • Grand Caymans 3 of 18
    Grand Caymans
    We woke up Tuesday morning to this view. It turned out a storm was rolling in (which was bits of Hurricane Sandy) but we missed most of it but the wind.
  • Sea Turtles 4 of 18
    Sea Turtles
    The Cayman's turtle farm was a hit for Bella.
  • Lunch Dates 5 of 18
    Lunch Dates
    After seeing the turtles, Bella and I had lunch overlooking the river.
  • Pirate Mickey 6 of 18
    Pirate Mickey
    We stood in line one night so Bella could finally meet Mickey Mouse.
  • The View 7 of 18
    The View
    In Costa Maya the water really was this blue. This view was from our verandah.
  • Cozumel 8 of 18
    On the beach at the resort in Cozumel, I lounged in a chair while Bella played in the sand.
  • Critters 9 of 18
    I'm not going to tell you what this is because I have no idea if it's an iguana or bearded dragon, but it was so, so cool. Just wandering around.
  • Me Time 10 of 18
    Me Time
    I spent time here reading and trying to catch some internet while Bella napped.
  • Night Time 11 of 18
    Night Time
    I miss walking into this after dinner every night. Turn down service, a towel animal, and little chocolates.
  • The Verandah 12 of 18
    The Verandah
    Bella catching a view of our balcony before the ship set sail.
  • Welcome Aboard! 13 of 18
    Welcome Aboard!
    Disney left little gifts in our rooms to welcome us. Bella ate all the fruit and most of the cheese - because apparently I didn't need any. 🙂
  • The Horn 14 of 18
    The Horn
    The horn of the ship played the tune, "When you wish upon a star..." and I'll admit. I teared up a bit the first time I heard it as we set off.
  • The Pools 15 of 18
    The Pools
    On the 9th/10th deck were the pools and other entertainment. We spent a lot of time up there.
  • In Room Movies 16 of 18
    In Room Movies
    Disney not only had all the news channels, but also 5 channels of just their movies, from classics to the newest releases.
  • The Dining 17 of 18
    The Dining
    Just one of the 3 main restaurants we dined in - this was Parrot's Cay.
  • The Portholes 18 of 18
    The Portholes
    On each floor of the ship, the portholes were so huge you could climb in them to read or just watch the ocean go by. And many people did.

Remember to come back over as I break down sailing with Disney and the things you need to know before you go!

A HUGE thanks to Disney for sending me on this cruise. All opinions are my own, but it truly was magical regardless.  

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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