Let's Talk Pregnancy Cravings!

Pregnancy Cravings
From Ice Cream and Pickles to A-1 Sauce and Cough Drops? Let's Talk Pregnancy Cravings!

Oh pregnancy, what weird things you do to me – including this psycho food cravings!

How, why, what? All of a sudden I am wanting a salad at 3 pm in the afternoon while in a meeting? YES!  Well thank you hormones. With all the extreme changes in hormones – yes, you might find yourself craving some weird foods.

I would love to take lie and say that my cravings are all salads, fruits and veggies – and that none of my cravings are weird or high calorie. And that if I do have a weird or high calorie pregnancy craving that I have a magical trick to avoid it.

HA!  So being real here people – these pregnancy cravings are weird and yes, not typically healthy

With each pregnancy there has been various loves and hates – but here are a few pregnancy cravings I’ve experienced. Some STILL have me scratching my head as to WHY:

Pregnancy Cravings

  • Wheat Hearts and Bacon 1 of 6
    Wheat Hearts and Bacon
    WEIRD! Bacon and Wheat Hearts
  • In-n-Out 2 of 6
    Yes, In-N-Out but I like mine with jalapenos and the animal sauce. Not too weird, but yummy and can someone please remove the calories?
  • Japanese Curry 3 of 6
    Japanese Curry
    Oh curry how yummy you are. With my 2nd child, I ate curry and Oreos. I kid you not.
  • Dimples Cupcakes 4 of 6
    Dimples Cupcakes
    If you are in the Dallas area, you maybe familiar with these evil things. They are evil for many reasons and at $4 a pop - limit your cupcake cravings.
  • Cough Drops 5 of 6
    Cough Drops
    Yes, ODD. And only Target cherry cough drops. I still don't get what has me craving these things.
  • Cottage Cheese and A-1 Sauce 6 of 6
    Cottage Cheese and A-1 Sauce
    Huh? It started with making a baked potato and then somehow before I knew it, cottage cheese and A-1 sauce were on my fork.

Okay, I CONFESSED. Now Your Turn! Tell Me Your Weird Pregnancy Cravings!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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