Life at 28 Weeks

This bun's been baking for about 28 weeks. The one on my head is about that old, too.

This week, I officially entered the third trimester. Eeeeek. How did I get here, already? Most women seem to want pregnancy over and done with, but I feel like I really need more time. I’m not ready for my early Christmas present. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll be four days overdue, like last time around. (Insert big, fat wink.)

Here is my 28-week breakdown: A glance at how my life looks (slideshow included, for your viewing pleasure!), and a summary of how things are going in this belly of mine.

Due in or around December? I’d love to hear how you’re doing too!

Size of baby: Baby weighs in at around 2.25 pounds and I’m told she’s about the size of a Chinese cabbage. I’ll be thinking about that next time I head down the produce aisle.

Weight gain: 18 pounds. I don’t know how much longer I’ll feel comfortable posting my weight gain here. (Would you?) I ran into my friend and her adorable 14-day-old baby yesterday, and she told me she only gained 15 pounds throughout her entire pregnancy—and she’s not overly-active nor what’s been recently dubbed the “mommyrexic” type. All I can say is: no fair.

How I’m Feeling: Stressed Out. Luckily, this stress is not pregnancy induced, though the pregnancy is compounding the stress and the situation. We have to move out of our apartment in nine days and still have not found the right place to move into and bring baby home to. This week I’ll be packing up my entire apartment for yet another move.

What I’m craving: I never want a meal, but a myriad of snacks and treats … all day long. I already gave a run-down of my favorite options and alternatives, but today I indulged in a red velvet number from Georgetown Cupcake, and was happy to say “no thank you” to any alternatives. I may or may not have trailed it with a bananas foster milkshake from Good Stuff Eatery in DC. I also might have had a hard time sharing it with my two-year-old.

What I’m wearing: A mix of maternity T-shirts and roomy second-hand blouses, usually belted or topped with a scarf or necklace. I’m barely able to get into my pre-pregnancy jeggings. I also started employing the rubber band trick pretty heavily, as well as my belly band, because when I wear my jeans, my zipper is down … waaaay down.

If You Saw Me Today: Hair in another lazy-day bun on top of my head. Limited makeup due to allergies. Wearing a gray maternity T-shirt with ruching, blackish jeggings and oxfords. Parading around Georgetown today, a slight waddle in my gait. In the passenger seat, my seat reclined due to an overly-full stomach. (Too many treats but we were on a little stay-cation of sorts.)

Movement: Sometimes I think I’m harboring a little Meg White in my uterus. Thumpity, thump, thump, And then thumpthumpthumpthumpthump, super fast.

Sleep: No trouble falling asleep despite my stressed-out condition, but I toss and turn all night and drive my husband crazy, I’m sure. I dream about houses all night long.

What I Miss: Having no trouble holding my two-year-old in my arms, or on my hip. I really miss letting him lay on my flat stomach before bed while we sing together. I fear those days are over.

Best Moment So Far: No more placenta previa!

Gender: Baby Girl, confirmed at ultrasound appointment two weeks ago.

Click through the pics to see how life is looking, and challenging me at 28 weeks pregnant.

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    Then: 24 weeks
  • image-997 2 of 6
    Now: 28 weeks
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    View from the top: I feel longer and leaner in these clogs with a little heel, but buckling them is increasingly problematic.
  • image-999 4 of 6
    My two-year-old wanting me to carry him during our walk around the lake. Unfortunately, it's not the easy task it once was.
  • image-1000 5 of 6
    My favorite Mexican chain opened up two hours away. This was by far my baby girl's favorite meal in a while ... and my husband's too, since he's useless in the kitchen and I really dislike cooking while pregnant.
  • image-1001 6 of 6
    I constantly find myself resting my hand on my bump. Anyone else doing this without even noticing?



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