Life at 34 Weeks

All three of us.

I can almost count how many weeks I have left on one hand. Time is flying; I can’t believe it’s been six weeks since I wrote my last update. I’m surprisingly nervous and admittedly under-prepared for the arrival of this baby, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less excited. I just hope I can take on all that’s coming my way by the end of the year.

And I just read that her lungs should be fully developed now. So really, she’s welcome around here, anytime.

Here is my 34-week breakdown: A glance at how my life looks (slideshow included, for your viewing pleasure!), and a summary of how things are going in this belly of mine.

Due in or around December? I’d love to hear how you’re doing too!

Size of baby: Baby weighs around 4 and 3/4 pounds—about the size of a cantaloupe (though it feels more like a watermelon) and is about 18 inches long.

Weight gain: About 20 pounds, I think.

How I’m feeling: Heartburn is my worst enemy. I’m wondering if you can take too many Tums. I remember asking my doctor this during my last pregnancy, and now I remember why it was a concern. And to relieve the back pain that frequents all of us, I’ve started taking warm baths … twice a day.

What I’m craving: Nothing in particular, which doesn’t make for a great story. I’ve eaten too much of my kid’s Halloween candy, of course, but I think heartburn is really putting a bad taste in my mouth when it comes to food. Like the commercials say, my food is fighting me.

What I’m wearing: Just try to take away my black maternity leggings. I dare you. I wear them all too much and I realize they probably aren’t the most flattering thing I own, but they are so comfortable I can’t help myself.

If you saw me today: Struggling to get in and out of the car because my stomach is invading the steering wheel. Trying to teach my two-year-old to get in and out of the car by himself—and not just for his own good. Telling him to be soft on mommy’s tummy 400 times a day. Unable to resist holding him in my arms when he wants me to. I’m sure I look a little tired, because I am. Heartburn keeps me up all night.

Movement: I think this little girl likes to stretch out like a starfish inside me. I can’t believe how well I can feel her from the outside when I put my hand of my stomach, but boy is she stretching me tight.

Sleep: Unfortunately, not happening. Did I mention I have heartburn yet?

What I miss: Sleep. And having more clothing options. I’m tired of wearing the same things over and over, just because they fit.

Best moment so far: It’s not so much a moment, but I like when my toddler talks about sharing his “very special” toys with his baby sister. This is a big concession for him, I know.

Click through the pics to see things are rounding out 34 weeks pregnant. And rounding out, they are!

  • image-1128 1 of 7
    Then: 24 Weeks
  • image-1129 2 of 7
    Then: 28 Weeks
  • image-1130 3 of 7
    Now: 34 Weeks
  • image-1131 4 of 7
    ....And how I feel at 34 weeks.
  • image-1132 5 of 7
    It's hard to say no when this pantless buddy needs a lift.
  • image-1133 6 of 7
    And my belly seems to make the perfect hill for Matchbox cars.
  • image-1134 7 of 7
    Winnie the Pooh and (pregnant) Piglet. Not my best costume, but it helped him want to wear his!


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