Life at 39 Weeks

That dress just keeps getting shorter and shorter....

A week ago the words, “You can go into labor at any time” escaped my doctor’s lips. With nearly 39 weeks of preparation, I don’t know why this still comes as a shock to me. Like I said, where did this pregnancy go? (I’ve written 20 week, 24 week, 28 week and 34 week updates, and yet, I can’t believe I’m already here.)

Since we’re knee-deep in a kitchen remodel, I opted to forgo having my membranes stripped yesterday, which can supposedly bring on labor for some women. Though I’m bigger than big-big-big (and I don’t necessarily want to push out a baby on the large size, either), I think it’s best I let this bun keep cooking as long as I can. Maybe that way I’ll have a kitchen sink by the time she’s a month old, with a little luck.

Here is my 39-week breakdown: A glance at how my life looks (slideshow included, for your viewing pleasure!), and a summary of how things are going in this belly of mine.

Due in December? I’d love to hear how you’re doing too!

Size of baby: On average, 7 pounds and 20 inches long. A little than my first baby, who was born four days overdue.

Weight gain: As if I’m going to share at this point, but no weight gain since last week.

How I’m feeling: Like going with the flow. With a lot on my plate, I might be avoiding reality a little. Luckily, my reality will come, ready or not, and I fall in love easily. Really, I’m very excited to meet my new bundle.

What I’m Craving: Chocolate milkshakes (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup) and, surprisingly, pumpkin pie with my sister’s homemade whipped cream. Oh, and don’t get me started on those Joe-Joe’s from Trader Joe’s.

If you saw me today: I’m sure I look uncomfortable, swollen and round, with a very obvious pregnancy waddle, which my sister kindly pointed out. Wearing a striped tee with maternity jeans and wellies. I did my hair. But I was the lady at the mall who lost her patience with her kinda unruly toddler, mostly because she was having a lot of contractions and feeling overwhelmed, and now feels bad about it.

Movement: Yes, thankfully. She doesn’t seem quite as pushy as she did a few weeks ago, but maybe I am just getting used to it.

Sleep: Thanks to Zantac, actually sleeping better than I have in a while. I’m making myself go to bed earlier just in case my water breaks at midnight again, and I’m awake for 40 hours before my baby is born again.

What I miss: A rocking chair that fits both (all?) of us. Not getting winded going up the long staircase. Holding my toddler really close to me.

Best moment so far: If you asked my toddler what we’ll be naming our baby, he’d reply, “Blueberry Yogurt. Or maybe Red Berry.” I also love when he pats on my belly and says, “Mommy, you got a bay-bay?” and offers a big, determined kiss.

Progress: I’ve been dilated to a one for a couple weeks, but as of yesterday I’m at a two.

Click through the pics to see things rounding out (and how!) at 39 weeks pregnant.

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    Then: 34 weeks
  • image-1256 2 of 7
    Now: 39 weeks
  • image-1257 3 of 7
    View from the front.
  • image-1258 4 of 7
    View from the top. (Toes nowhere in sight.)
  • image-1259 5 of 7
    Who's hiding the watermelon?
  • image-1260 6 of 7
    Posing (not on purpose!) in my torn-apart kitchen.
  • image-1261 7 of 7
    Eating healthy lunches of collards, canellini, lemon and parmesan so I can eat more Joe-Joe's for dessert.

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