Little Mommy™ May Be The Scariest Baby Ever [VIDEO]

The Toy Fair is a showcase of the newest, most forward thinking innovations in play.  But when it comes to gender roles and toy marketing, not much has changed since the 1950s.  With that in mind, Mattel is pushing their latest innovation in Mother Training Toys: The 2011 Little Mommy™ Doll.  In Mattel marketing lingo: “Little Mommy™ introduces new innovations in nurturing play so that girls can more realistically experience the milestones of ‘mommy-hood,'” The Little Mommy™ Line has been around for awhile. In earlier iterations, the doll has been programmed to walk and pretend she’s got a cold so the training mom can wipe her runny nose. Sadly, our generation had no such advances in doll design- no wonder we’re all so clueless about child rearing.

But this year’s Little Mommy™ Doll takes it to a whole other level, one that actually gave me chills. And I’m not the only one. As Gizmodo puts it:

“And how exactly does a little girl go about reaching this (somewhat weird and inappropriate sounding for a toddler) milestone of mommy-hood? By heeding the saccharine demands of this possessed sounding automaton. Not since HAL 1000 have I been so disturbed by the presence of a digital mind. Little Mommy asks to be kissed. Little Mommy’s mouth glows green. Little Mommy tells you she has to pee, and then tells you she was just kidding.”

After Little Mommy™ tells you she was just kidding, does she pee all over herself while you’re out in public without a change of clothes? Probably not. She also doesn’t have a tantrum when you tell her she can’t have a lollipop and give her the green juice pop that turns her mouth day-glo colors.  But then, I guess if she did these things, Little Mommy™ would be even scarier than she already is.

See the Video of Little Mommy in her very scary glory: Gizmodo: Little Mommy Is a Terrifying Vision of Android Baby Dystopia

photo via Gizmodo

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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