Longest 24 Hours Ever!

What a long 24 hours for me, well… maybe 72 hours!  Not only have I been on pins and needles waiting for test results, I also had a check up, Non stress test… Oh and a touch of the 24 hour flu!   Oh the joys of motherhood!

A couple nights ago my husband came home from work sick, when he left that morning he was fine, and there were no signs of any kind of bug coming, and by the time he was on his way home from work, he was super sick.  I got him a “sick area” all prepared before he got to the house and immediate shipped him into quarantine so the kids wouldn’t get sick.

One child down for a nap in his room, and a sick husband, I took the oldest and ran to the grocery store. We made it through the produce section with Camden picking out strawberries, blueberries, and everything along the way he wanted. Deli counter, got our order and then he chowed down on his slice of cheese. All typical of our trips… he was having a blast barking out all the stuff he wanted.  As I left the deli section, I stopped at the fresh rolls and deli breads, and turned to pick some out for lunch this week, and heard a huge splat. I assumed someone had dropped something, and when I turned around I was mortified. My toddler had thrown up everywhere… No sign, no symptoms, happy little boy excited about the grocery store… sick in the middle of the store. A first for me!   I ran over to the deli counter and they handed me a roll of paper towels to clean him up, and paged someone. By the time someone got there with sanitizer and a bag to put the cleaning materials into, I had cleaned up the boy child, cart, and floor.  And we headed to pay for the items in the cart and go home.

He proceeded to get sick in the 5 minute drive home too, I felt so horrible for him… there is nothing worse than having a child throwing up sick, and being helpless.  He proceeded to get sick with my husband over the next couple hours, and I took care of both, with my gloves and mask.  I would be damned if I was getting sick!

Just when I thought I was in the clear… I got sick. Just at the same time that the husband and my oldest were feeling better on top of it. Way to add insult to injury!   My youngest son has successfully avoided all of this too!

So after contractions from dehydration, worry about stomach pains, etc. I finally got good news today.  My non-stress test was perfect, and the baby looked great. They only kept me on for about a half hour instead of the full hour because she looked that good. My midwife really felt no need to continue to monitor her.

I got the preliminary results of the amniocentesis from last week, clearing any concern for infection, which was the biggest concern altogether. At this point if there are any type of chromosomal abnormalities or genetic defects they will simply prepare us for possible complications with the delivery, and of course care postpartum. But it was certainly a huge sigh of relief.

And we are all feeling much better in time for a New England spring snow storm!

Now we have one final hurtle, and that is another follow up ultrasound next Wednesday, which will be the final step in following the growth of the baby, and possibly early delivery, but thus far everything looks like smooth sailing. At least we can continue to hope!

I want to thank everyone for your amazing comments, thoughts, and prayers during this time. They made a huge difference to us during this difficult course of action.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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