Looking Forward To Breastfeeding

If there is one thing I am looking forward to this pregnancy, it is breastfeeding after birth. After reading Monica’s post today I felt somewhat compelled to write a post I was planning for a later time.

With my oldest two boys, I had what I would consider rocky breastfeeding relationships. My youngest could not tolerate my milk no matter what I did, we breastfed for a whole 5 weeks, and I felt like a complete failure as a mother because of it. Diet changes, different blocks of feedings, everything. Only 5 weeks… I was devastated.

With my oldest it was slightly different. Even though we were subject to an ass load of Lactation Consultant visits, concern over weight gain, and everything under the sun, we made it strong till he was almost 9 months old. When I got pregnant with my second. He lost interest in nursing, and we had no choice but to supplement for 3 months.

This time around I want it to be different. I look forward to breastfeeding my daughter, and not having to deal with bottles, or the smell of formula. I am armed with so much knowledge, and an amazing breastfeeding community on twitter, I feel like I can scream “Bring it on!”

While my goal for the first couple months will sit at breastfeeding for 6 months, I want to make it to a year… and even longer. This is my last chance at breastfeeding and I want to get as much as I possibly can out of it, as well as give my child the great benefits. I have certainly noticed differences in my two sons when it comes to health, immunity and getting sick, and I honestly want to avoid any issues that I can this time around.

I like to consider myself middle of the road since my experience with my youngest. I used to be the first person to leave some snarky or negative comment about a mother formula feeding, until I became the formula feeding mother. Did I like it?  Nope, not at all. But did I want my son to starve to death?  Of course not.

I am no martyr.

I think this is a great example of the differences between women in such small communities. Here we are, Monica and myself writing for Being Pregnant with vastly different opinions on one subject but not using it as a spring board to attack or put each other down. A great example to other mothers to use the differences as an example of diversity as well as a way to support each other as women.

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