First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes A Baby In A Baby Carriage

My husband and I on our wedding day 4 years ago.

Today marks four years since my husband Craig and I said “I do”.  With life being so baby-centric these days our anniversary sort of just snuck up on us.  Being 8 months pregnant on our anniversary has made it a little bit anti-climactic and we’ll be keeping it pretty low-key (I couldn’t fit in a fancy dress these days even if I wasn’t too tired to have a night out on the town), but it’s still a special day that I’d like to take note of.

While our marriage isn’t perfect, these last four years have been a time of learning, laughing, growing and falling even more in love with my best friend than I ever thought possible.  Yes – I know that may sound sappy and cliche, but it’s true and I’m excited to start this new chapter of parenthood in our lives together.  This next year, with a baby, is probably going to be our most challenging yet, but I know we can figure it out together and have some fun along the way.

So, in an effort to commemorate this day, I put together some slides of our journey from love, to marriage, to baby over the past (almost) 10 years of togetherness.

See our photos – and try not to laugh at our poor hair choices – after the jump!

  • High School Prom 1 of 10
    High School Prom
    Craig and I were high school sweethearts. We even have the awesome (read: hilarious/embarassing) prom photos to prove it. This photo was taken in the Spring of 2002.
  • College 2 of 10
    After high school came college. We went to Oregon State University and lived up the street from each other - he in a Christian fraternity and I in a Christian sorority.
  • Getting Engaged 3 of 10
    Getting Engaged
    We got engaged at the Oregon Coast in February of 2007 - hence the rainy windblown look in this photo taken just minutes after I said yes.
  • Wedding Day 4 of 10
    Wedding Day
    We said "I do" on December 9th, 2007. Happiest day ever.
  • Honeymoon 5 of 10
    We went to Whistler B.C. for our honeymoon. This is us with the pack of dogs that took us sledding.
  • Our First Apartment and Our “First (Fur) Baby” 6 of 10
    Our First Apartment and Our "First (Fur) Baby"
    We came back to our very first apartment together and got our first pet together - a German Shepherd named Marley.
  • Our First House 7 of 10
    Our First House
    We bought our first house in the spring of 2008. We had fun making it our own and fixing it up.
  • Learning What “Real Love” Is 8 of 10
    Learning What "Real Love" Is
    Over the years we start figuring out that love isn't just about the mushy feelings, but about making the choice to love the other person each day. Oh...and picking your battles.
  • Last Days As a Twosome 9 of 10
    Last Days As a Twosome
    We found out I was pregnant this past April, 2011. So began our last days as a twosome as we would soon have a little one to add to our family.
  • Pregnant and Waiting 10 of 10
    Pregnant and Waiting
    December 2011 - our 4 year anniversary. Pregnant and awaiting the arrival of our little Fern...only 6 more weeks!

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