Low-dose Aspirin Improves Chance of Live Birth After Miscarriage: New Study

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Yesterday I read at Ob. Gyn. News about a new study was presented this week at the annual meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. This study, which followed over 1,200 women, found that women who had lost a pregnancy and did not have infertility who then consumed 81mg (baby) aspirin for six menstrual cycles had increased odds of having a live birth with the next pregnancy.

The doctor presenting the results explained that aspirin reduces inflammation and improves blood flow in the body, especially to the uterus, ovaries and placenta. He also noted that taking low-dose aspirin during pregnancy has very few maternal or fetal side effects and (best of all, in my opinion) it’s very inexpressive.

When I read about this study, I was pretty floored. Could it be that something as simple and cheap as taking a baby aspirin each day could help women stay pregnant?!

I look forward to when the peer-reviewed study is published and a discussion ensues about whether this could be a new standard treatment for women who have suffered a miscarriage. I’ve been taking baby aspirin daily for years, thanks to my complicated medical history. But knowing that it might help other women have healthy pregnancies after suffering through miscarriages? That’s huge news.

Source: Ob.Gyn. News

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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