Mad Men Style For Modern Babies

Don Draper could definitely use one of these Eames high chairs for when baby Eugene comes to visit. (That is, if Betty ever lets him take baby Eugene into his Greenwich Village Bachelor Den of Iniquity).

Last night’s Mad Men episode showed more of the Mod style that’s been common in contemporary homes for the past decade. The new Sterling Cooper Draper Price office featured white Panton lamps and Saarinen tables as desks, instead of the darker, heavier decor of the old Sterling Cooper HQ.  I’m wondering if we’ll be seeing some sleeker looks making their way into the home spaces this season, edging out the late 50s/early 60s plush. I’d bet quite a few modern men (and women, mad and otherwise) with similar retro aesthetics would appreciate this little number in their kitchens.

And wait until you see the potty seat version (after the jump):

These seats are one of a kind Eames hacks, designed as high concept art projects rather than products to go to market:

“These two pieces, the Eames toilet chair and the Eames child seat, are about breaking the status surrounding high design objects. Through physically invasive alterations, these once iconic, elite, forms are liberated from their old, restrained image. The project is not a critique of the Eames, but rather a fulfillment of their original ideals.”

The chairs, which got some press when they were designed in 2007, can now be seen in as part of the TechnoCraft exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. The exhibit is up until October. But, who knows, maybe some enterprising members of the design team are working on a commercial clone as we speak. There’s certainly a market. Or, if you’re handy with power tools,  maybe you can take the DIY/remake aesthetic behind the pieces to heart, and use them as inspiration to rig up your own retro-modern mash up.  Try “Eames Modern Chair” on Ebay, for a start.


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