Making Mom Friends…Hard? Easy? Don't Care? [Videos]


Now that we’ve moved to a small town from the Big Smoke, I’ve left behind all my pregnant/mommy friends. The one’s who have kids close to mine in age, that is. Do I worry about making new ones? Do I even want to make new ones? Not so sure. The mom circuit can be a comepetitive, if not judgmental place. Not saying all momma’s are like that, but lets be real. I can’t help but think that in a smaller town it will be worse. Oops, there I go judging.

Things have been so batty lately in trying to finish updates and projects on our new house, while keeping up with the day to day with a toddler in the mix. We’ve not invested the time for any sort of prenatal classes this time around. As a hypnobirthing family, we’ve been armed with the tools and resources from our classes not more than 2 years ago, wherein we feel confident about our choice. But. What about the support and community we would engage in? Possible connections with other like-minded mama’s?

With my first, I had also joined a prenatal, (followed by post-partum) fitness group. I met a few awesome ladies and I can honestly say that it was something I looked forward to every-day. Getting out of the house, working out, having lunch after, or going to the park together, etc. Just being able to hang/talk with another woman who is in the same place as you. New mommy-dom. Not much like it, first timer or not. There were also a bunch of new mom’s in those classes that I had no desire to make friends with. I’m sure they would say the same. The closest connection I made? Was with the owner of the company who doesn’t have kids.

It’s not that I am lacking in the friendship department. My partner is my best-friend. Cheese but true. I have super-tight relationships with some of the most beautiful, (in and out) fierce women, ever. The kind of good girlfriends you should only be able to count on one hand and they live in my new home-diggs. Part of why we chose here. A few of them have amazing kids, all much older. Ah well, I’d rather be the loner of the pack, (on the breast-milk, poop and spit-up train) then deal with any of this…how about you? For all of it’s humour, these vids are based on truths.


The Tall & The Short: Time Out With Mom – Teresa Pavlinek (tall) and Shoshana Sperling (short).

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