Making Room for Another Baby

My first son slept in this family heirloom bassinet when he first came home. My second son will do the same.

We live in a modest three bedroom house. When my husband and I first bought our home it was just the two of us. We only needed one of the three rooms to use as an actual bedroom—for the two of us—and the other two rooms we turned into an office and a studio. We had no problem utilizing the space we had. When I got pregnant with our first son my husband gave up his studio room and we converted it into the nursery. The office stayed.

Here we are four years later and finding ourselves in that making some room situation once again.

I imagine there is only one real option. I’m going to have to give up the office and turn it into a third bedroom.

Selfish as it may sound, I’m not ready to do that. I’ve grown fond of this office over the last six years and to move it into the basement doesn’t thrill me. Plus, I’ll be encroaching on my husband’s space as the basement has kind of become his area over the last few years. Moving all of this stuff does not excite me one bit.

We really don’t have another choice.

What we do have at least is a little bit of time. When the baby is born we will use the bassinet that belonged to my mother when she was a baby. It was the same bassinet that I used as a newborn and that my first son used when he was a newborn. Just like with our first son the bassinet will most likely stay in our bedroom while baby number two is just a wee newborn.

But all too soon he will grow out of that bassinet and my husband and I will be ready to have just the two of us in our bedroom again.

Then I will have to give up the office.

What did you do for baby number 2? Does each child have his/her own room or do your kids share a bedroom? If they share are they close in age? I’d love to hear how you handled making room for your expanding family.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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