Making Room for Baby Number 2: City Style

Although I’m not quite halfway through my pregnancy, the nesting instincts have already started to settle in.  I embraced the nesting stage with my first pregnancy because we were in a big house with plenty of room for all of our baby gear.  This time around it is completely different. We are now cramped in a small two bedroom apartment in the middle of New York City.

I didn’t realize how much stuff we have accumulated since having Harlan.  Most of our things went into storage as we moved from Tampa to New York City, but the amount of toys, clothes, and strollers we’ve brought in since the move has been a bit more than I expected.  I’ve always loved buying things for Harlan, never realizing we really didn’t have room for it.  Add baby number two into the mix, knowing she will share a room with Harlan, and that makes it even more crowded.

Last weekend after getting tired of tripping over the same toys over and over again, I finally decided it was time for a purge.  And it was going to be a big one.  I took Harlan over to my sister’s apartment and spent the next four hours inside her room packing summer clothes, making a charity pile for toys she no longer needs or plays with, and making a pile of toys that can go to other our family’s houses for when we go to visit.  The picture above is only half of what I have to give away.

It felt so good when I was finished, seeing everything neat and organized, although her room only stayed neat until she got home.  Our next big project for baby number two is to make it out to the storage unit to get all of Harlan’s newborn clothes and toys.  I’m hoping to be able to donate even more once we go through it.

Now if only I could find a place to put our double strollers!

When did your nesting stage start?  How did you manage to stay organized?


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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