Making Room for Baby

The horrible weather in NY recently has been no fun for anyone, but on the plus side, it has kept my husband and I indoors, which means we have dedicated a large amount of our time to getting the apartment ready for the baby.

This doesn’t mean painting or putting up wall decals or anything that elaborate. Merely, making space.

We live in a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan and like all other Manhattanites, besides people who cavort with the likes of Mayor Bloomberg and Donald Trump, we have limited storage space.

Our two children will be sharing a small room which means they will be sharing a closet and a dresser as well.

Mazzy, from the second she was born, has always fully filled up both her dresser and closet. Her dresser holds all her socks, shirts, pants, pajamas, bathing suits, towels and linens. Before you ask, “Why don’t you put her linens in the linen closet?” please know— THERE IS NO LINEN CLOSET.

This past weekend, I was faced with task of sorting through all of her belongings and putting HALF of them into storage.

No easy feat.

First you have to figure out what barely fits, then you have to put away clothes about to go out of season and then finally you have to come to the sad understanding that she will never wear these clothes again. It’s not like when I pack up my spring clothes for winter and then bring them out the following year to wear again. Mazzy will have grown at least one whole other size by next year.

However, through this process, the silver lining was we were not getting rid of Mazzy’s favorite clothes. We were just setting them aside for her soon-to-be sister.

I bet getting rid of her sister’s clothes as she outgrows them will be much, much harder.

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