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male birth control
Male Birth Control – Scientists in a race to develop a new contraceptive alternative to condoms.


Scientists are in a race to develop an alternative to condoms for a male contraceptive method. Imagine being able to leave the birth control issue up to the male, and not having to worry about him having condoms. The new developments include advancements in a birth control pill for men, a gel injection and a uhmm.. heating of the testes…

The most studied approach in the United States is a male birth control pill that uses testosterone and progestin hormones, which send the body signals to stop producing sperm. While effective and safe for most men, they have not worked for everyone, and questions about side effects remain.

What are these side effects? 

One is a reaction with alcohol. The mixture of the birth control pills with alcohol can make one ill. (Yes, let the jokes begin on how without alcohol, male birth control isn’t needed as much.) Others include those similar to the side effects with birth control used by women: cholesterol levels, skin and mood changes.

In addition to birth control pills for men as contraceptives, the Male Contraception Information Project told the New York Times of their efforts other birth control for male efforts. One method is to develop a gel injection to use as birth control. The gel would be injected into the scrotum.  Another method, while still in research is “heating” the testes with high frequency sound waves, which can – in some cases – stop sperm production for months. “I can imagine a world where you take your car in every six months to get your oil changed and go next door and get your ultrasound for 50 bucks,” Lissner said in a statement to the New York Times.

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What Are Your Thoughts on Male Birth Control? Or Would You Rather Take the Birth Control Responsibility for Preventing Pregnancy?

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