Male OB/GYN's Skeeve Me Out

Before I get started, I just want to say I have nothing against Male OB/GYN’s and I am sure they are awesome, and qualified providers. It is not their skills that bother me one bit. And I am sure there are some fantastic male providers in the field. Heck, I had an awesome male resident when I had my second son…

When I started going to the gynecologist way back when… seems like the stone age at this point… I always was far more comfortable with female providers.  Female OB/GYN’s, Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, etc.  That was my level of comfort. I always wondered in the back of my head why a man would want to spend so many years of their lives providing vagina care.

As I got older and I realized that men also delivered babies, not like I didn’t know it, but I think it really clicked for me as an adult… I wondered why men would really be interested in that. Most men I had known in life had little interest in viewing the miracle of life, but of course that was their choice.

They can’t really say they know how you feel, they can’t really relate to the pain, or understand at all what a birthing woman is going through. Of course there are text books, and all of that fun jazz, but they really have no idea, and never will. Again, I couldn’t wrap my head around it.  I still can’t today.

I mean, really… how many guys want to look at vagina all day long… wait… I know it probably sounds extremely perverted, and I am sure I am going to get beat up over this, but I just cannot bring myself to understand it, or see a male OB/GYN.

I can strongly say I have a gender preference for my prenatal, and well women care.

Do you have a gender preference when it comes to your OB/GYN?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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