Man Sacrifices His Life to Save His Pregnant Wife And Unborn Child

Scary stories can be tougher than ever in pregnancy. But this one really tugs at our heartstrings.

One thing all parents seem to have in common is the claim that we’d give our lives for our children.  Thankfully, hardly any of us literally have to do this. Brian and Erin Wood were not so lucky. They were very, very unlucky, actually. The Canadian couple was driving through Washington state on their way to visit family when a car swerved into their lane…

The oncoming car, a Chevy Blazer driven by a woman who was trying to take her sweater off while driving, was being steered by the person in the passenger seat. The Blazer was poised to hit the couple head on. Brian Wood then swerved right, forcing the drivers side into the direct line of the oncoming car. He was killed, but his pregnant wife was spared the brunt of the impact.

The whole thing is too tragic. The car that hit them was full of drugs which makes it even worse. But it is also such an amazing story of bravery, love and the power of parental instinct.

Here’s a video of the surviving wife telling her story.

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photo: Emery Co Photo / J.K. Califf

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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