Maria Menounos: Why I’m Freezing My Eggs

Extra! Extra! Maria Menounos is spilling it about harvesting and freezing her eggs—but why now? We’ve got the scoop…

The Scoop

She reports celebrity news as a host on TV’s Extra, but Maria Menounos is now making news as she goes public with her plans to harvest and freeze her eggs as a way to assure her fertility in the future.

“To me, parenting is the most difficult job in the entire world, and when I do it, I want to be committed, and I want to be 100 percent ready to take it on and be the best mom I can be,” says Menounos. “Right now, I don’t find myself in that position.”

Menounos’ decision to put off having a baby is at least partly motivated by her work commitments. In addition to Extra, she is now a contributor on the Life Changers with Dr. Drew Pinsky. “I’m 33, and I decided that I know I have a couple of years of work I want to get to, and then … [have a baby],” Menounos admits in an episode of Life Changers.

But why go public? Menounos tells Good Morning America that she’s inspired to both undergo the harvesting procedure and document it publicly because she, like many women, was not aware of how quickly a woman’s chances for pregnancy decline once they hit 40. As she explains to GMA, “For me, this is important … because now we can show women there is an option if you need it and if you want it and if you think it’s right for you.”

Is Natural an Option?

Menounos has been in a long-term relationship for over 13 years and doesn’t rule out the possibility of going on to conceive naturally. But comments from some of her coworkers got her thinking. “We’re so wrapped up in our work and I had a couple of different colleagues approach me in the last two or three years and say, ‘Don’t do what we did and wait until you are 40 and forget to have kids.’ I realized I could be a candidate.”

Menounos is also taking the extra step of having both her eggs and embryos fertilized to increase her likelihood of getting pregnant. “It’s a bit of an insurance policy,” Menounos tells GMA. “It doesn’t mean that in two years or three years I’m not going to try naturally, but at least I have this in case there’s a problem.”

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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