Mariah Carey Expecting Twins

Angelina Jolie.  Jennifer Lopez.  Julia Roberts.  Celine Dion.  Rebecca Romijn.  Marcia Cross.  Lisa Marie Presley.  They all have at least one thing in common.


Now you can add Mariah Carey to the list.  At least according to  The gossip website reports the parents-to-be are partly to blame through misspeaking or slips of the tongue.  Apparently Mariah has referred to her baby bump as “they” rather than he or she.

When asked by E! News to clear up the twin rumors, Nick Cannon pretty much confirmed the twin rumor.

“It’s a touchy issue, because you never want to speak on too much stuff too early, but my wife, at one time, she referred to her stomach as ‘they’ and that probably wasn’t the wrong thing for her to do,” he said. “That’s all I’m gonna say.”

When I hear about celebrities becoming pregnant with multiples I always, and maybe incorrectly assume, IVF was utilized.  It’s not a judgment.  Whatever works is fine by me.  I have a friend undergoing IVF for what seems like the 10th time and I wouldn’t wish the pain of a failed attempt on anyone.

IVF, turkey baster, hole in the condom, old-fashioned sex, however you want to get the job done.  It isn’t my business.  I’m just slightly curious, I guess.  And there is no way this many celebs can be having twins naturally, right?

Let me run down the list and see who has said what:

Angelina Jolie:  Says her twins were naturally conceived.
Jennifer Lopez:  Says her twins were naturally conceived.
Julia Roberts:  Reportedly IVF although never confirmed. (Twins run in her family.)
Celine Dion:  Says yes to IVF.
Rebecca Romijn:  Says her twins were naturally conceived.
Marcia Cross:  Says yes to IVF.
Lisa Marie Presley: Says her twins were naturally conceived.  (Elvis was a twin.)
Jane Seymour:  Says yes to IVF.

Rumors of IVF persist for every woman mentioned above who says she naturally conceived.  At one point Mariah was spotted at an IVF clinic but as far as I can tell (by searching the internet) has publicly denied IVF and claims she used acupuncture to ready her body for pregnancy.  More power to her, I say.  I just find the Hollywood twin boom interesting to speculate about even though how another woman gets pregnant is none of my damn business.  What do y’all think? Any sets of twins I’m missing?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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