Mariah Carey Tells Ellen She Will Not Impose Gender Stereotypes On Her Baby

Mariah Carey on EllenIn a move that makes me like her way more than ever, the newly out pregnant Mariah Carey revealed her resistance to gender stereotyping in a TV interview Tuesday.

The interview was with Ellen De Generes, who you’d think might be sort of against the gender stereotyping thing herself. But on yesterday’s show, it was Mariah who was taking a stand against preconceived notions of girlness and boyness. Ellen seemed skeptical, joking that Mariah would be trying to translate her famous diva style onto the baby as soon as it was born: “When that baby comes out you’re going to have high heels on it like immediately,” she tells Carey. “Little, tiny high heel shoes on that baby.”

Ellen asked whether she could try to guess the baby’s sex, just for fun.  Mariah shot her down, saying:

“I would prefer not,” Carey says. “Because imagine if you’re a baby inside someone’s body. Do you really want someone imposing their sex ideas on you? Not really? I’m just saying. Would you want them to be like it’s definitely a girl … would you?”

See the video after the jump.

I can totally relate to Mariah’s resistance here. I didn’t even find out the sex of either of my kids until they were born, mostly because I felt like stereotyping would be inevitable, or at least hard work to avoid. I’m not the most wedded to traditional gender roles (my husband cooks more than I do, and I’m arguably better with a power drill). But I figured if all I knew about my baby was a generic “BOY” or “GIRL”, there would be no way those questions wouldn’t pop up.   I didn’t want to spend my time wrestling with ideas about what or who my baby might be just yet.  I wanted to bask in the glow of possibility.

Who knows whether Mariah is similarly inclined or just trying to keep something (anything) private during her pregnancy. Whatever the motivation, I love the message.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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