Matching Holiday Outfits for Siblings: 8 Ways To Make Them Sparkle

It’s the holiday season…..

Ah, I can’t believe I just typed holiday. It is beyond crazy how times flies and that the very merry holiday season is upon us. I feel like yesterday I was just buying easter dresses. That said, the holiday season is all about putting on your best dress. Sure, I may be a writer on Babble but I am also a stylist and during the holiday season I get tons and tons of request on dressing Littles.  Some want cookie cutter classic matching pieces, some would rather mix and match and some well, have no clue what they should put on their Littles for the holiday season and that is where I come in to help bring out that extra sparkle in the wardrobe for one of my favorite seasons.

After the jump, browse through a a few tips and inspiration for the perfect outfits when it comes to dressing siblings alike during the holiday season. 


  • Coordinating in Style 1 of 8
    Coordinating in Style
    Many clothing companies around the holidays will give shoppers the same pattern throughout the entire collection or line but in different styles. Rather than putting siblings in the exact same style (think the same 3 dresses) mix and match different pieces to create a cohesive family look. While they aren't matchy matchy, they coordinate well together.
    All items above from Gymboree
  • Dress It Up With Leggings 2 of 8
    Dress It Up With Leggings
    For those who have girls, some aren't always a fan of dresses so why not make them a little bit more fun with leggings. Dressing up a dress with a patterned legging is always a go-to look for the holiday season.
    All items above from J.Crew, Crewcuts
  • Denim Dressed Up 3 of 8
    Denim Dressed Up
    For many, you don't leave home for the holidays and you just want your Littles to be comfy but with a little pizazz. With that said, dressing up denim jeans is always a great option especially for those on a budget because everyone usually has jeans in their closet already. Pairing them with a cozy sweater or cardigan and some great accessories is a great way to give your denim a little holiday sparkle.
    All items above from Gap
  • One Dress Inspires A Entire Family Look 4 of 8
    One Dress Inspires A Entire Family Look
    Try not to overdo a pattern. Instead of putting everyone in the same print (think big ole' Christmas pattern dress) let the colors in that print inspire the rest of the siblings wardrobe. For example, put one child in the printed dress and look for other pieces to bring it together. Let the one oh-so-pretty patterned dress pull together the entire family look. Or break it up some like the skirt and dress above.
    All items above from J.Crew, Crew Cuts
  • Candy Cane Cuties 5 of 8
    Candy Cane Cuties
    Totally different from the last tip and go wild by mixing and matching a pattern. Stripes with polka dots is a great one to try! Especially because the stripes totally remind us one of thing we love during the holidays: candy canes!
    All items above from Gap
  • The Perfect Paired Pattern 6 of 8
    The Perfect Paired Pattern
    Mad for plaid! Mix and match plaid and fair isle to make the perfect coordinating pair. Even though they are two very different patterns, they work well together especially in those family portraits.
    All items above from Gap
  • Oh-So-Stylish Sisters 7 of 8
    Oh-So-Stylish Sisters
    Forget classic holiday colors. For those of you who tend to go towards the red, white and greeen classic colors opt for different hues. Think bold pops of color this holiday!
    All items above from J.Crew, Crewcuts
  • Easy as 1-2-3 8 of 8
    Easy as 1-2-3
    On a budget? Just head to a one stop shop like Target and browse their stock of classic holiday pieces from satin dresses to crewneck sweaters. You don't have to spend a lot of time coordinating and putting together a great look for your entire family won't break the bank.
    All items above from Target

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