Maternity Fashion: Now Available In Sexy

Maternity fashion has evolved. Gone are the dowdy tent dresses of yesteryear. Maternity clothing is now basically the same as non maternity clothing…with the minor addition of a baby bump in the middle.

Figure 1.  Strapless Convertible Straps Maternity Dress from A Pea in the Pod.

A pea in the pod sexy maternity dress

Not only does Babble’s new style blog feature a piece on the evolution of maternity style, this very large article in the LA times is dedicated to telling you so. According to the article, the reason maternity fashion is so much cooler than it ever was is that pregnant celebrities have made it cooler to be pregnant. While this rather L.A. centric thesis may have some merit, I would venture to say that the celebrity breeding frenzy is only part of why we’re now able to purchase maternity versions of every hot,trendy style on the racks.

The way I see it,  there’s a bigger wave pushing pregnancy front and center in the public consciousness. Celebrities are the figureheads on the ship, for sure. But do we really want to give them credit for the whole pregnant zeitgeist? If so, we’ve gotta go back a little bit further than Angelina Jolie. Remember Demi Moore’s Vanity Fair cover? That was 1991.  That was probably the first time a naked pregnant woman was put out there as sexy. And yeah, she was a celebrity, but I’d give more credit to the photographer in this case.

That was the seed.  Twenty years to grow a tree? Sounds about right.

Annie_Leibovitz-by Mark Silber

If you’re looking for someone to thank for your embellished body-con maternity minidress, I’d vote for Annie Leibovitz.

(Annie Leibovitz photo by Mark Silber)

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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