Maternity Fashion: Pregnancy Style Of The Future

Yes, maternity design has come a long way from its dowdy past. But could these innovative dresses be its future?

The Skin Collection, is inspired by origami and Produced by Brooklyn-based industrial designer Marisol Rodriguez. The dresses are designed to be attractive before, during and after pregnancy.

The label has gotten accolades for its socially conscious production: the whole line is made by native Colombian women (the designer is Colombian as well). And it’s inherently green as the expandable design allows women to wear the same dress indefinitely, through sizes and seasons.

The minimalist/playful/avant-garde aesthetic may not be to everyone’s taste, but hey, neither is the current embellishment trend.

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For people with money to spare, maternity shopping can be a fun part of pregnancy. But expenditures aside, looking at the pile of clothes after the baby’s born can be a bit disturbing. The custom of passing down maternity wear among friends and family is one way to minimize waste, and cost (at least for the recipient of the pile). But the idea that a dress could be beautiful even after the maternity phase is over is quite inspiring. It could also save stress in the early months, when regular clothes get uncomfortable but it seems too soon to take the plunge into full-on maternity mode.

And all this innovation isn’t attached to a high price tag, either: proposed pricing is only about $35 per dress. The catch: It’s not clear where or whether this can be purchased yet, or whether there will ever be a retail line. if nothing else, we hope these dresses motivate more designers to think creatively about maternity fashion, creating clothing that adapts to body shape and size through pregnancy and beyond.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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